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Size Chart

Welcome to Findrrs' Foot measuring and sizing page

We want you to be sure to order the correct size of shoe wherever you live.

Please use the following charts to ensure you order the correct size, and for further accuracy please print off the pdf guages provided by clicking on the appropriate chart. You will see that your cursor changes from an arrow to a hand indicating a live link. When you click, the guage will open in a separate window. Print off the two pages of the guage. Pierce the four 'Fit' marks with a pencil and Place the 'Heel' page on top the 'Toe' section and line up using the fit mak holes. The foot can now be measured by placing the heel against the line marked heel and the size can read ofrom the front of the toes. It is not unusual for one foot to be larger than the other - just choose the larger fitting. You can check the accuracy of this guage when printed by measuring the inches alongside the guage with a ruler or tape measure.